Treye Rice

Web Design, Social Media + Content Marketing,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
Photography, Quick-to-Market Video Production

About Treye Rice

I am the Program Coordinator for Web-based Technologies at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. I specialize in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and usability. I am also involved in web design and project management, content marketing, video production, photography and fine art.

Since 2005, I have designed and built more than 40 websites for AgriLife Extension and grant-funded projects. I currently oversee the management and direction of the AgriLife Extension agency website and social media accounts. My most recent agency-wide project is Quick-to-Market Video Production using an iPad Video kit (

I attended Texas A&M University and hold a BA in Environmental Design and a Master of Science in Visualization Sciences. In 2013, my family and I moved back to College Station, Texas from Austin.

I also provide freelance web design and hosting services through Since 2002, I have provided web design, advertising and content marketing services for over 100 small businesses located across the United States.

Skills Summary

I am an enthusiastic and creatively-optimistic person. I believe that just about anything is possible with a good plan for execution. One of my greatest skills is to be able to see large-scale projects through to completion...I love seeing a client get what they want! I am able to lead and work with large groups of people that have diverse professional backgrounds. I am constantly learning and trying out new "technical" things. Once I acquire a new skill, I enjoy creating something from this new knowledge and teaching others how to do the same.

*I am also a very good listener.

Project / Pipeline Management + Sales

Web Design & Development

Content & Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Advertising

Photography & Video

Graphic Design & Fine Art

Teaching & Public Speaking



Pretty Good

Super Hero


Dynamic, informational and technical skill training sessions for small and large groups

Using Social Media: Helping Clients Find You and Keep Coming Back

Learn how to correctly set up your online marketing system to capture new visitors from Google with high-quality content. Then turn these visitors into long-term subscribers that contribute to a higher Google ranking score, using a blog and social media.

Quick-to-Market Video Production with the
iPad Video Kit

Quick-To-Market videos are short (usually less than 3 minutes) and built to engage people searching during a Micro-Moment. They are perfect for sharing across social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and more. Learn how to create one in less than 1 hour.

Custom Training or Informational Sessions Built for your Needs & Audiences

I am able to translate very technical topics into easy-to-understand information and logical steps. Contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

There are many true statements about complex topics that are too long to fit on a PowerPoint slide.

(Edward Tufte)


Web, Photography, Infographics & More


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